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Hi, it's me!
Hi there,

I've gotten exposed to ASMR about a month ago, and I fell in love with it!

I had a stressful day time job that made me very anxious everyday. I couldn't even relax afterwork. I couldn't even relax when I'm not thinking about work. I had headaches from time to time, yoga did help but entirely(I don like to meditate, I fidget a lot). 

I stumbled up on ASMR on a online article, I watch some ASMR vids. I felt better instantly, the pressure on my nose and head was instantly lifted, I can finally stop thinking about anything, and was at a serene state when I listened to ASMR.

That's when I decided to make ASMR videos!
I want to help other people to relax, like how ASMR did for me.
In a world full of chaos and there are many reasons to be unhappy or worrying, a little ASMR might help your day.

Let me know how you stumbled up ASMR!

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