Binaural Ears Massage ASMR for Sleep

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[Total: 2    Average: 5/5] Effectively prepare you for sleep give You brain tingles. Gently massage your ears. First, I cover your ears with hands and warm them up. Whisper from ear to ear, soporific things and words. I also use two hypnotized wooden blocks that will help you fall…

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Binaural Facial Mask and Face Massage

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[Total: 2    Average: 4/5] Today I invite you to ASMR role play for my beauty salon. First, wash your face thoroughly, dried, and then I apply facial mask. Then I remove the mask, again thoroughly rinse your face, dry, and I will do you a relaxing facial massage. I…

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Binaural 3D microphone test + Whispers EN.

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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] I invite you to my big test binaural microphones. Two microphones on the left and right side are now transformed into your ears. I touch them with hands and other objects, including a brush. I also use a comb hair, creaking plastic bag and wooden…

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