Meal Kit Supply Pork Sausage Patty show and tell

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[Total: 11   Average: 3.3/5]This Meal Kit Supply is similar to that of Lunchables in that no cooking is required. Simply unpack the food and start eating. This video reviews Meal Kit Supply’s pork sausage patty breakfast meal. The meal is packaged in boxes and pouches, which makes for a very relaxing unboxing.

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Astronaut food show and tell

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[Total: 5   Average: 3.4/5]Astronaut food is a special type of food that astronauts eat. Because of the difficulty of sending food to space, the food must be frozen and/or packaged in a special manner. In this video, YouTube user gschultz9 unboxes, prepares and commentates on the space food.

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Sandalwood Savanna

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[Total: 1   Average: 5/5]VeniVidiVulpes is back with another ASMR video with this one featuring wooden figurines, nail tapping and scratching, clicking, soft-speaking and storytelling.

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