What is ASMR?

ASMR, short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and also known as whisper chills, chills response, is a pleasant tingling sensation that typically starts in the head and the scalp and spreads downward into the body. It is triggered by sounds, touch, smells and pictures. Upon experiencing ASMR, many find themselves relaxed and partially sedated.

Benefits of ASMR

Some of the benefits of ASMR include:

  • Deeper, more refreshing sleepFIgure of a human that describes the effect of ASMR upon experiencing ASMR tingles
  • Euphoria or nirvana
  • Improved mood
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Reduced stress, which in turn causes:
    • Improved healing
    • Improved skin tone and health
    • Improved hair health
    • Reduced headaches
    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Decreased risk of heart problems, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety
  • Reduced irritability


Different people have different triggers. There are 3 general categories of triggers:

  1. Visual – Seeing someone do something
  2. Auditory – Hearing a particular noise
  3. Tactile – Feeling someone touch you, either by hand or through the use of a tool. Perhaps the most popular ASMR trigger is getting a haircut


  1. You wrote: “It is triggered by sounds, touch, and pictures.”

    I’ve noticed similar descriptions elsewhere, and it seems that SMELL is always left out. I have found (and so have others I have communicated with about ASMR) that smell can be a VERY powerful ASMR trigger. Sometimes cigar/pipe/cigarette smells from across a field or from a neighboring car, or someones perfume/aftershave is tingle inducing in and of itself.

    Just wondering why this powerful ASMR-friendly sense always seems to be left out?

    Take care,
    Tim K.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for mentioning that. I actually did not even think about including smell as an ASMR trigger, but I remembered back to when I was a child and how certain smells would give me tingles.


  3. Tingles:

    Glad I’m not the only one. If you get what I call the holy trifecta of ASMR — 3rd party touch, the right voice, and the right smell — you are, as you can well imagine, in a state approaching nirvana.

    Unfortunately, this rarely happens to me. 🙁 I’m thinking a masseuse with an ASMR voice burning the right incense could do it. 😉

    Take care,

  4. Yeah, I’m hoping that as ASMR gets more popular, there will be ASMR clinics, sort of like massage clinics, where you can choose what triggers you would like to experience.

    Anyway, do you watch ASMR videos? I made this site to categorize and make it easy to find certain ASMR videos. It’d be great if you would submit some ASMR videos every now and then. You can register here if you’d like: https://www.asmrtingles.com/wp-login.php?action=register


  5. Um, reduced irratability is debatable… but yeah, someone did a radio interview with the waterwhispers and they called it a lifestyle, and that’s probably the best way I’ve ever heard it said…

  6. The reduced irritability is from the calming effect of ASMR. Though, it might only last for the duration the ASMR is experienced.

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