Barism – Making a Queens Cocktail

[Total: 24   Average: 2.7/5]

[Total: 24   Average: 2.7/5]A bartender carefully prepares a cocktail drink. He places ice cubes into a glass and stirs them around, making soothing tapping noises in the process. A lot of tapping and clicking in this almost voiceless untintentional asmr video. Warning: Music plays after the bartender has finished making the drink.…

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Teppanyaki in Japan – Food in Japan

[Total: 23   Average: 2.9/5]

[Total: 23   Average: 2.9/5]Aden Films is back with another teppanyaki video, this time a genuine one from Japan. In this unintentional ASMR video, a Japanese cook prepares a meal using an iron griddle. Lots of sizzling sounds in the video with minimal talking involved.

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Brief neurological examination

[Total: 22   Average: 3.5/5]

[Total: 22   Average: 3.5/5]Dr David Nicholl performs a brief neurological examination on a young girl as part of a demonstration of the importance and ease of performing a neorological exam. He speaks in a soft voice and gently touches the patient as he performs the tests.

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iPhone 6+ Gold screen protector application

[Total: 15   Average: 3/5]

[Total: 15   Average: 3/5]An AT&T salesmen applies a screen protector to both the front and back of an iPhone 6+ gold. He gently cleans the screen and makes sure to get every piece of dust off the phone before applying the screen protector. Then he carefully aligns the screen protector to the…

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