Best headphones for sleep and ASMR

If you like watching ASMR videos in bed and falling asleep while they’re playing then you know how annoying and uncomfortable traditional headphones can be. The best headphones for ASMR and sleep don’t have these issues. They feel natural and almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. These headphones allow you to relax and get a deep sleep.

Why sleep with headphones?

Noise can be very detrimental to sleep quality. If you live near a noisy place like an airport or train station you know how harmful these sounds are for your sleep. To avoid these noises you can turn on the TV and keep it on until you wake up. Or you can turn on a noisy fan which produces white noise. White noise is easily blocked out by your brain and doesn’t disrupt sleep.

Because of this, ASMR videos are perfect for sleep. The white noise from ASMR videos helps to block out any noises that can disrupt your sleep thus ensuring deeper and more refreshing sleep.

Top 4 headphones for sleep and ASMR

1) Fulllight Tech Thin Sleeping Headphones with Eye Mask

Fulllight tech best sleeping headphones A two-in-one, these headphones will help you block out both sound and light. They aren’t noise cancelling, but because they go over your ear they can greatly reduce noise from entering your ear.

Plus, if you’re playing an ASMR video the sound from the ASMR video will overpower any outside noise. These headphones are made from polar fleece which is very soft, light and easy to wash. Just take out the speakers and you’ll be able to wash them.

One problem with these headphones is that they’re not wireless. But, the wire is so thin that it really shouldn’t bother you. Also, the wire comes out of the back of the headphones where you can easily tuck it inside your shirt or move it out the way. If you sleep on your side then you don’t even have to worry about it.

These sleeping headphones are very inexpensive costing only $13.

2) GoldWorld Wireless Headphones with Eye Mask

Wireless bluetooth headphones for sleep and ASMRSimilar to the fulllight tech sleep headphones, these also function as both headphones and a sleeping mask. The main differences between the fulllight tech and this one is that this is made from silk whereas the fulllight is made from polar fleece.

Also, this one covers a lot more surface on the face thus helping to block out more light. In contrast, the fulllight covers mainly the eyes. Like the fulllight tech, these headphones are washable, but you have to take out the speakers first.

However, what makes these headphones more desirable is that they are wireless. Despite the fulllight tech having a thin wire, some people may find it to be uncomfortable. With these wireless sleeping headphones, you don’t have to worry about finding a comfortable position for the wire. Just wear them, play your favorite ASMR videos, and sleep like a baby.

Charging is easy thanks to the rechargable battery that comes with the headphones. Just plug it in via USB and it’ll start charging.

At $21, you really can’t go wrong with these headphones for sleep and ASMR.

3) Hibermate Sleep Headphones with Sleeping Mask

Hibermate headphones for sleep and asmr If you are looking for sleeping headphones that have high quality audio then these may be for you. They feature 5 mm flat speakers which produce some impressive highs and lows, i.e. treble and bass. The eye mask is molded to have open space for your eyes to rest in.

These headphones have ear cushions, but despite this, some people have trouble sleeping on their sides with these headphones on. It’s most likely because the speakers are so big that no amount of padding or cushioning will alleviate the discomfort. However, if you sleep on your back then these shouldn’t pose a problem and will be great for sleep and ASMR.

At $40, these are a bit pricey compared to the competition, but do feature higher quality speakers. If you are looking for high quality headphones for sleep and ASMR then these may be a good choice.

4) CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

cozyphones headphones for asmr and sleep Unlike most headphones for sleep which are exclusively for sleep, these headphones are more versatile.

You can ride a bicycle with them, go for a jog, play sports, or even just walk around. You can’t really do this with other sleep headphones as they either too bulky, don’t stay put in high energy activities, or just plain look silly to wear. Wearing an eye mask in public is not exactly normal and will definitely make people stare at you.

These headphones have padded speakers and the speakers are not too big which makes for some comfortable side sleeping. Of course they’re also great if you sleep on your back. They’re made from lycra, also known as spandex, which is known for its elasticity. They can stretch to fit almost any headsize and will fit on snug and tight.

And of course these headphones are washable. Just take out the earpads and speakers before you wash them.

They average around $18 in price.

Concerns about sleep and headphones

Sleeping with regular headphones can sometimes be dangerous. The wires can twist around your neck cutting off airflow and strangling you to death. However, the chances of this happening are slim-to-none. No one has ever died from sleeping with headphones in, but some people have had injuries because they slept with earbuds.

Earbuds should be avoided at all costs. It’s very dangerous to sleep with them as they can force their way into your ear canal and cause infection or worse, rupture your eardrum. Even if they don’t look like they can fit into your ear canal, they can still force their way into your ear if enough pressure is applied.

This, in combination with earwax or oils from your ear acting as lubricant, can easily force them inside your ear.

Noise cancelling headphones for sleep

You’ll notice that there are we have not listed any noise cancelling headphones for sleep and ASMR. Despite there being wireless noise cancelling headphones we still have not put them in this list. The reason for this is that all these headphones are bulky and were never designed for sleep. They are uncomfortable to wear, especially if you are a side sleeper.

If you sleep on your back they can be used for sleep and ASMR. However, a major concern is that they are prone to breaking. Even if the majority of your sleep is on your back, you can easily break the headphones if you shift onto your side. Even if this is just for a few seconds.

These headphones are bulky in the speaker department and will be protruding from that area. This makes them especially vulnerable to breaking when you sleep on your side. Also, it doesn’t matter how well they’re padded, if you sleep on your side it will get uncomfortable as you’re pressing a lot of weight into the speakers.

However, the most important reason these headphones should not be used is that they block emergency sounds. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, police knocking on your door, etc, are all blocked by these noise cancelling headphones. This is true especially if you are listening to a very long track of ASMR videos during your sleep.

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  1. Is there really a point to using headphones specifically made for sleep? I mean I just use regular headphones and take them off before I fall asleep. I can’t imagine it being comfortable sleeping with those things on.

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